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Looking For Web Design In Edinburgh?

 Are you looking for web design company ? Web Designs Glasgow is one of the top design companies in Glasgow and can fit your website design needs.We are a small business near Glasgow offer low cost services across Scotland and the UK. Our aim is to deliver quality service with the best business ethics to constantly increase our ever fond customers. We at Web Designs Glasgow specialise in small businesses throughout Scotland and the UK. 

Services We Offer

 Web Design Edinburgh – We offer a range of website design packages to suite your business with the very latest modern responsive themes using WordPress, which is the most common web design platform today.Your website can be created exactly as you want from the bottom up.The great thing about our website design solution is if you need to add or change the design of your website, WordPress is versatile and can easily be changed or updated with just a little know how.Some of the other services we offer are Graphic Design and SEO, we provide an affordable quality service from start to finish.Graphic Design Edinburgh – Our Graphic Design Services offers just about anything that is needed in today’s online digital world, from Logo Design, Flyer Design, Social media graphics for advertising as well as online promotional videos too. Anything you can think of which you see online, then we can create to fit your business.We also offer Facebook, Twitter profile creation to fit your business and also can manage your social media platforms on your behalf which can include regular promotional post to keep your audience up to date with your business.SEO – When it comes to SEO – Search Engine optimisation we have it covered. We can get your website noticed on google for any chosen keywords that will get your business of to the best start, and get your customers through your door. Not to mention all of our services are affordable for any small business out there.

What is SEO ?

 Search engine optimization is basically getting your website noticed on googles search engine. Google decides what to list on its pages based on content, user experience and the quality of the backlinks that link to it, and a whole lot more.When a brand new website is created google has to gain it trust in case this is quick hit spam website. Google does this by crawling your your website regularly, also it uses AI (artificial intelligence ) to read your website and decide if the content is good quality or not so good. It then makes a decision on where to put you on its ranking order based on the content on the page and what subject this relates too.We look at many different factors that we think google uses to decide this. We use the very latest SEO tools on the market and work out a plan to get your website ranking on page one.This is a separate service from web design Edinburgh, however we can provide a quote to include everything within the package you choose.

Should we use you ?

Our highly skilled workforce and our vast experience in website design, graphic design and SEO make us the right choice for your next project. We will work with you from the very start and keep you updated on our progress with any of our services you choose.

Ready to take off your project?

We want to be the company that not only provides you a great service, but a company that you would refer to any close family or friends that you know. Our business rely on giving a great quality product with the best type of service possible to you. We keep all our customers updated on the progress of their project throughout the process making sure your a happy with everything we provide to you. Get in touch with us today and get a free estimate for your project.

FAQs – Here are some common question that might help you.

When my website is built can I update it myself ? Yes, we use very popular WordPress theme for most of our website and it very user friendly to use, of course we can also update your website for small charge if you wish. Can I find my own hosting for my website ? Yes, you can either decide to go with our hosting or choose one of your own, it up to you. Most of our packages include 12 months free hosting so after the 12 months you can move to another provider if you wish. Do you provide support with your web design packages ? Yes we provide 30 days of free updates once your website has been built. We can provide you with monthly updates at an additional cost after the 30 days free. Why choose you over other companies ? We are a small company near Glasgow and have over 15 years experience of webs design, we understand how the latest technologies are effecting how the web is changing. We will always put our customers first and for most. We are just a telephone call, email or text message away here and ready to answer any question you may have.


Edinburgh is packed with medieval tenements, narrow wynds of the Old Town and a elegance of the Georgian New Town, there’s no question that Edinburgh deserves its reputation as one of the most stunning cities in the world. Contact a Web Design Edinburgh company today !


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