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Why Do I Need A Website


Now you can have a website for pretty much anything from crowdfunding campaigns to pet fan pages. However, for some reason, many small companies are slow to get online, though websites have existed for over 25 years!

Fortunately, the amount of small companies with professional sites is growing steadily, from a comparative handful ten years back to approximately two-thirds today (the numbers change, depending upon the country and poll you look at). Yet that still leaves tens of thousands of companies behind the times. What’s the holdup?


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What Makes A good Website Design

In surveys, many business owners say that they don’t have the skills, the moment, or the sum to construct a business website. But a surprising amount say that their business does not require a site, either because it is not required or because they utilize social media instead.

That is why this post will look at some specific reasons why your business must have its own website. If you are a small business owner who’s still on the fence, then keep reading!

Our top reasons:

A professional site meets client expectations:

More than ever, your customers expect to have the ability to find details about your business online. If you don’t have a web site, you are sending a message your company is stuck in the Dark Ages, or that you are not interested in finding new clients and neither of them are messages which you probably want to be sending.

They do not need a lot of advice or a complicated, multi-page encyclopedia concerning you. Only a few simple pages are usually more than sufficient, as long as it has fundamental information that’s tailored to their needs and quite simple to find. And, most importantly, it should be accurate and up-to-date, since from date info is one of people’s best pet peeves when it comes to using local small business sites.

User reviews and comments are great, but shouldn’t you have the final say about what information about your business is introduced to the public?

Having a web site for your company instantly creates a formal presence online so you don’t have to depend on others speaking for you. And also you can make it look precisely how you want, with your logo, colors, and fonts.

A website is more affordable than traditional advertisements:

No one is going to let them remove their listings, but is buying an ad from the ever-shrinking and increasingly expensive directory the best use of funds? Website costs are decreasing annually and have a larger reach.

A site Is Simpler to keep up to date:

If you tried a site years ago, you may have some bad memories from the experience. It took weeks or months to get a developer to construct it, and then you could not make any modifications yourself. Simple things like upgrading store hours can take forever, so your information was outdated. And changing colors or uploading photos? Good luck!

Nowadays it could not be different. With WordPress, all you need to do is log into your website and click on the area you’d like to change. You’ll be able to edit text, add photos, or alter parts of your layout. Making updates is really easy, you can even do it in the mobile through our iOS and Android Apps.


I need a website made

Not only are a lot of these people able to understand your site, but they can also interact with you through it. Using email, contact forms, guest books, and chat programs, you may speak with clients from the opposite side of the globe, get opinions about your new services and products, or even ship orders tens of thousands of miles away. And people might visit your site from all different places, using search engines or Google Maps.

A company site levels the playing area:
Though the budgets and job ranges change, there’s no true difference between the site of a Fortune 500 firm and of a freelancer working out of the couch in their living space. A professional and clean looking site completely levels the playing field since it is possible to present your own company any way you like. If your business is able to help meet the needs of a customer, why do they have to know whether your team is 3 individuals or 300?

Does my business require a website if I am on social media?

 Lots of business owners assume that using a social media profile to get their company is sufficient. Perhaps you already have a Facebook webpage and a few very good reviews on interpersonal media (or at least no one has called you the”worst restaurant “). That’s fantastic.

But there are a number of problems with this particular strategy.

First, you’ll always be determined by the social media platform you select. Algorithms change, rules change, and also what is working one day might not work a couple weeks from now (as many businesses who relied upon Facebook have lately learned).

In case you have a website, it belongs to you, and you control the information and the message. Part of the reason you started your own company is so you don’t need to follow other people’s rules, so why can you just do exactly what a social networking platform tells you to?

Trends change, also. If your clients are on Twitter today, they might be on Snapchat or a new platform that not one of us have heard of tomorrow. As people switch from one tool to the next, your website functions as an anchor. No matter what platform customers prefer, they can always find your website in precisely the same region, available to everybody.

Conclusion: every business needs a website. The case for having a site in today’s world is quite powerful. Just about all businesses surveyed said they intended to get a site by the end of the year.

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Browsing the web is no longer limited to desktop computers and laptops – if your website isn’t designed to work on smartphones and tablets, you could be losing out on customers. Every website we create at is designed to be fully responsive.

This means that your site will automatically adapt to the screen size it’s being viewed on, making it easy for you to connect with customers on all types of devices.

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