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WDG offer a local seo Glasgow package to suite your needs, we work with you to get an achievable keywords for your niche. We use the vary lastest SEO tools to decide what are the best keywords to target and come up with a costing for this. Our packages normally run for 6 to 12 months, this being reviewed after the first 3 months. If it turns out you are ranking for your keyword within the first 3 months we will discuss this and if your happy with the progress you can choose to end the SEO service , or pick this up later if you decide to target another keyword.

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Having a great website is important for a business. However, even if you have the best-looking design for your web pages, if people cannot easily find you by using a search engine, you will be less likely to attract new customers and clients. This can result in low amounts of traffic to your website and this can result in poor sales for your online business. Because of this, it can be very vital to use a digital marketing SEO company in Glasgow who specialises in SEO. The success of your website may depend on it.

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What Is SEO?


While you may have heard the term SEO before, you may not really understand what it is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This can encompass a great many things, but basically it refers to ways to use a search engine to ensure a searcher locates your website when they enter a search term. This is necessary because there are thousands of web pages available and finding your web pages first is important so that prospective clients and/or customers locate your business first.

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How does it work ?


One of the main things that a digital marketing SEO agency  in Glasgow does is we take time to make sure that your website meets the various criteria that a search engine like Google requires. Most search engines rank websites. These rankings are based on algorithms or calculations that for example Google has created to analyze a business website. These algorithms are based on several factors. One of the main factors is quality. A search engine wants to pull up quality sites. This increases their reputation with users and will encourage them to use the search engine for their searches.

Because of this search engines will thoroughly check a website over to ensure the content being offered is good. This means it must not only offer relevant information, but it must also provide it in a variety of ways. A website cannot just repeat the same information, it must offer something that is unique and original. It needs to stand out from other websites that offer the same type products or services.

This often requires a business to develop a good base of customers through social media. You need to have people who use the site, link to it and more. This helps a Google see that your website is the best. Trying to meet all these criteria can be difficult for a business to accomplish. This is why you need to hire SEO Glasgow company, to help you with these tasks. Using a professional company, who understands how Google works and how to meet their algorithms can be the best way to improve the rankings of your website in a timely manner.


what is On-Page SEO ?


When an digital SEO marketing agency begins working on a website they usually will start with On-Page SEO techniques. This generally refers to using both content and HTML coding to help the website achieve higher rankings.

There are a number of ways this can be done. Generally, the first place to start is in the actual coding of the website. Setting up good meta tags is generally regarded as one of the most important steps in the process. A meta tag gives the search engine important information about a web page. If the meta tags for the pages included in your website are done correctly, it will help you in improving your traffic to the web page and this can help improve your website rankings.

Title tags are another HTML coding that can be very important. This information is listed on the top of each web page in the tab section. This tag is also used when a website is found by a search engine. It is the listed information that the person doing the search will see. This can often be the information that draws a searcher to your website. Because these listings are limited in size, it is very important to make sure they are used in the best way possible.

Title tags must accurately reflect the information included on the web page. A search engine will check this and if the information is not relevant it may be omitted, and this can cause a searcher to disregard the page completely.

The meta description generally offers more information about the web page and what type of information a searcher can expect to find. The descriptions need to be well written and show the advantages the web page can offer over similar sites. Each page should have a meta description to help users in determining which pages will be of benefit to them.

While these descriptions do not impact rankings, they still are used by search engines to help in establishing what type of information is offered and what type of searches would apply. Properly coded headings can also be a very important element on a web page. Using the proper coding for the various sizes and styles of heading can help a reader in a few ways. They provide information for a search engine to use and display when a search is done.

Headings are also a good way to break up content on a page for your SEO. This can make the page easier to read, which can encourage users to refer to it more often and this will increase traffic. Using well placed headers on a page will also make it look better and it will generally be easier to navigate. Links and redirects on your web pages should be carefully monitored. It is important to keep links as short as possible, while giving information about where the link will take the reader.


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Your content needs to be unique and well-written for SEO.

Search engines check for this and they also look at the grammar and spelling as well. You want to be sure your content has no errors in it. This is important to a search engine and to readers. By offering content that is without errors, a reader can trust you are knowledgeable in not only writing but also in the information you are sharing. This combined with writing in a style that is easy to understand and unique will help keep a reader’s attention. Content needs to be clear and easy to understand. Search engines will analyze the content to be sure it has a clear connection to other information on the web page and website.

When keywords are used, they should be part of the information and not just a way to attract someone to the web page. The keywords need to be in line with the other information being provided on the web page and/or website. By blending them into the content, a reader will not really notice they are there and will be more interested in the information they are reading. Most people today use a variety of mobile devices, such as cell phones and/or tablets.

You need to make sure the speed rates for your web pages will prevent this from happening. There are a variety of ways to increase the speed of your web pages.

You can optimize the applications and images on the web pages, use compression programs, clean up coding elements, decrease ads on the web page or seek other hosting services that offer faster speeds. Google and other services offer tools that can help you analyze this type of information. This will help you or the digital marketing SEO Glasgow service provider you use to make adjustments, so your website loads at a good rate. This can help in increasing your traffic. An increase in traffic will also help with your search engine rankings.

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What Is Off-page SEO ?


Off-Page SEO involves ways to improve your  Google search engine listings through other sources besides your own web pages or website. This is an important as it will help in establishing credibility for the website. Being viewed as credible can be important in meeting search engine algorithms. It will also help in increasing people visiting the website.

One of the primary types of off-page SEO is done through the use of social media. Social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest can be a great way to get information out about your products and services.

These can include a link to the relevant page and if a person is interested in the post, they will often access the link. In addition, forums and commenting on other posts can help by allowing people to see that you and your business are knowledgeable in the area being discussed. This helps get traffic to you site.

Another good way to increase traffic and google search engine rankings is through using link building techniques. By providing good information in your content, many times others will want to share the information on their blogs, websites and/or social media accounts. This not only gets your name out to potential customers, but it can also help in establishing you as an authority on the topic and great for your SEO marketing in the eyes of Google.

A number of directories allow you to post original articles you have written. You can also blog as a guest on blogs for others. These two options can work in a way like link building. By posting well written articles that others can use on their websites or in their blogs, your name and information will be included as the writer of the article. This helps you to be regarded as a credible authority and many times it will encourage people to visit your website for more information.

There are several ways to improve your Glasgow SEO factors. By making improvements in the way google search engines find your website, you may see more traffic coming to your website. It can be best to look for a professional business offering SEO Glasgow services in Scotland.

A professional SEO agency in Glasgow , Web Designs Glasgow can also help with social media strategies and content creation options to help get your information out to more people.

Get in touch today with a digital SEO marketing agency in Glasgow you can trust. Our digital SEO marketing experts can start a marketing campaign that works for you, if your looking for more leads .

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